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1 comment: said...

Hi Molly!
Your artwork makes me so so happy. Not only because it has heart and draws me back to an innocent and happy place from somewhere during my childhood, but because I have rediscovered watercolors and have enjoyed painting some of the same subjects that you paint. If you look at my website(, you will see that we share a similar style (all painted before finding you). That makes me happy! We also look a little bit alike, though I am an achy and aging 53 year old woman. After years of struggling as a mother and a teacher, always feeling the creative side of myself berating me for not following my passion, I am making art again- EVERY DAY!!! I have been trying to get my artwork licensed, and face regular rejections. I haven't licensed anything! And of course, I find myself questioning the time and effort that I am putting into this venture and doubting if I am a good enough artist... So you can believe that I was thrilled to find you and your lovely artwork. And to see that you are wildly successful! I'd love to know more about your journey... and I just wanted to tell you that you made my day!