Sunday, October 7, 2007


On October 19th you will be able to view the early stages of Molly Hatch Redesigns through this site. Redesigns are objects that are reinvented and redesigned by Molly Hatch.

Here are the basics of REDESIGN:

1. collect old and no longer used ceramics

2. recycle and REDESIGN them with new additions like ceramic decals, new glaze colors and hand painted images!

3. Voila! Molly Hatch has REDESIGNED ceramics for reuse and a new life with you.

The REDESIGN line will be available in several patterns, colors and so on. Each object varies because they are acquired through yard sales and thrift stores for REDESIGN. This makes each object unique and original! Your purchase gives new life to an object--just like recycling! All REDESIGNS are food safe and functional. Often sets are available and they will be posted as they are completed. Custom designs are also possible.

Please feel free to email Molly regarding any questions or inquiries. Redesign will post it's first available objects for purchase in August of 2008. Please visit to view more of Molly's work.


Camil said...

I'd like to search for a mug of the size and shape I like, then send it to you for redesign.
Okay? How much would you charge for that sort of thing?

molly said...

I can custom decorate the mug of your choice by the hour--it depends on the pattern you choose, contact me at and we can make arrangements.