Friday, October 31, 2008

Molly Hatch Workshops at Dartmouth College




Rethinking the Ceramic Surface: Laser printed decals
October 29, 5-7pm

As you look at the creative world there are trends of both artists and designers looking to re-use and recycle materials in their objects. We often consider a ceramic object finished once it has gone through the final firing stage. Through the use of decals and other processes, you can approach the “finished” ceramic object with new possibilities. In this two-hour workshop we will look at ways to transform and re-invent objects that already exist using laser-printed decals.

Mishima: The Slip Inlay Process
November 5, 5-7pm

In this two-hour workshop traditional Korean and Japanese slip techniques will be demonstrated on greenware. These traditional surface decoration techniques are ways one can use the ceramic surface as a place to draw and paint. The graphic quality of “mishima” is similar to printmaking techniques, allowing for similar lines to those found in intaglio and woodcut. Though best on porcelain, use of slip can be just as effective on stoneware and earthenware clay bodies.

Both workshops will be held at the Davidson Pottery Studio, the site for the Hopkins Center Student Workshop in Ceramics, on the Norwich side of the river, a 7 minute walk from the green. phone:802-649-2447 or contact Jenny Swanson for more information.

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