Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Watershed Auction

For those of you interested in keeping Watershed going--please visit the auction online! All the information is below and the events on June 20th are going to be really fun.

This piece is featured in the online preview auction so check it out! Who knew my work looked so good in woodfire?

Saturday, June 20th   
4 - 7 pm

Please join us at my studio and gallery 
for the Opening Reception and Party in celebration of 

The Watershed Gala Wood Fire Benefit 
Exhibition, Raffle and Auction

We've invited 125 of the best potters from the United States, Canada and Australia to send work
to be fired in the Anagama Wood Kiln in May. Each has generously donated their work to support the
facilities and programs of the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts.

Watershed is a premier arts center located in Newcastle, Maine. It's mission is to provide both time
and space for artists to work in clay. An international program located in the beautiful coastal 
Boothbay region of Maine, Watershed offers residencies for artists to explore new ideas and 
possibilities within their work. All proceeds from this event will go to help fund the programs at 
Watershed and the construction of Watershed's new kiln facility.

The wood kiln will be opened on Saturday, June 6th. We'll unload the kiln at 9 am so join us for a preview of the work. The exhibition, raffle and auction finale will take place the following week on June 20th.

100% of all sales from the Auction and Raffle 
will go to benefit Watershed!

The On-line Auction

A select group of pieces from the firing will be auctioned on-line beginning June 12th and ending June 20th.
Please visit our auction website at:


The Gala Raffle

100 pots will be raffled off, with each ticket purchaser getting to choose their piece as their number is drawn. We've invited some of the best potters from around the country to participate, so there'll be some wonderful pieces to choose from. Buy a ticket, hear your number, pick a pot! Everyone who purchases a ticket will receive a piece. A "special" piece will be saved for last, going to the person with the 100th number!

The Raffle ticket price is $50.

You do not need to attend to participate! A proxy (a Watershed Board member) will pick a piece for you when your number is called, and we'll send it to you. Tickets may be purchased in advance by emailing me at cgceramics@aol.com or calling the studio at 508-636-6213. 

Artists who have committed to sending work are :

Ted Adler
David Alban
Dan Anderson 
Chris Archer 
Christa Assad 
John Balistreri 
George Barecca 
Mary Barringer 
Ben Bates 
Peter Beasecker 
Eve Behar
Birdie Boone 
George Bowes
Lori Bradley
Bob Brady 
Anna Calluori Holcombe
Mary Louise Carter 
Linda Casbon 
Doug Casebeer
Bruce Cochrane
Tom Coleman 
Malcolm Davis
Bruce Dehnert 
Josh DeWeese 
Jeremiah Donovan 
Judith Duff 
Rod Dugal 
Lynn Duryea
Susan Filley

Angela Fina 
Tyra Forker 
Terry Gess

John Glick
Steve Godfrey 
Scott Goldberg
Angus Graham 
Silvie Granatelli
Ryan Greenheck 
Steve Grimmer
Tyler Gulden
Chris Gustin
Sam Harvey 
Molly Hatch
Ryan Hereth 
Jon Higuchi
Ayumi Horie 
John Jessiman 
Judith Pointer Jia
Nick Joerling
Frances Johnson 
Randy Johnston
Karen Karnes
Beth Kendall
Diane Kenny 
Jay Lacouture 
Stacy Latt Savage 
Jim Lawton
Suze Lindsay 
Liz Lurie 

Ben Maier
Janet Mansfield 
Meira Mathison 
Joe McCaffery 
Jan McKeachie-Johnston 

Sequoia Miller
Maureen Mills 
Daniel Molyneux
Dan Murphy 
Steven Murphy
Matt Nolen
Shawn O'Conner 
Jeff Oestreich 
Lisa Orr 
David Orser
Denise Pelletier 
David Pier
Pete Pinnell
David Pinto
Seth Rainville 
Don Reitz 
Don Ridley
Steve Roberts 
Louise Rosenfield 
Tim Rowan
Judith Salomon

Shane Savage-Rumbaugh 
JoAnn Schnabel

Brad Schwieger 
Mika Seeger
Bonnie Seeman 
Nancy Selvin 
Ellen Shankin
Jeff Shapiro 
Jane Shellenbarger 
Sandy Simon 
Chris Singewald
Nancy Train Smith
Rosanne Sniderman

Vicki Snyder
Tom Spleth
Bryan Steinberg 
Phyllis Kudder Sullivan 
Rob Sutherland 
Sharon Townshend 
Becca Van Fleet
Holly Walker 
Hong Ling Wee 
Matt West 
Adero Willard 
Rhonda Willers 
Tara Wilson
Lisa Windman 

Bruce Winn 
Paula Winokur
Robert Winokur 
Arnie Zimmerman

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