Friday, October 16, 2009

Pottery Making Illustrated

Pottery Making Illustrated November/December 2009

Theme: Fun and Function

In this issue we have a little fun with functional work – treating forms and surfaces with a twist. First of all, Michelle Erickson and Robert Hunter lead you on a journey of discovery about an 18th century technique called “laid agate.” The detailed step-by-step makes it possible for you to duplicate. Next, you’ll discover a complete description of the mishima technique presented by Molly Hatch (see the cover), followed by Clay Cunningham’s description of Posey Bacopoulos’ majolica technique. And we’re fortunate to once again have Keith Phillips (Pancaker, Gumball Machine) return with another how-to project – the American Butter Dish. So, whether you’re throwing a simple tumbler and dedicating a lot of time to the decoration, or throwing a complicated butter dish and using a single glaze for decoration, you’ll enjoy the hours you spend picking up some of the great techniques in this issue.

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A Pot, A Drawing
by Molly Hatch

Molly Hatch finds something magical in her ability to interpret what she sees through her hands. Using drawing as a visual language similar to writing, she’s often surprised by the small narratives that appear in the patterns she draws using a mishima technique. Choose your own narrative using her detailed step-by-step technique to tell your story.

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