Monday, May 24, 2010

Work in Progress for Clay Studio Show opening June 4th!

process images from some vases that are almost done! I haven't painted in the color yet, but these have multiple colors of slip inlaid--red and black!

They are in a pair, which I am really excited to see with floral arrangements in them. I am still deciding if I should arrange in them for the opening...

I am doing a frame installation with these cups. I thought they would be a fun compliment to the more serious vases shown here. A lot of color going into this show! Not just the traditional blue and white that you are seeing here in process. I will post more photos of the work when I have it photographed in a couple weeks.


Jesse Lu said...

Ooh, these are fantastic! I love the theatrical feel of the vases... like the bird scenes are stage scenes almost... and the teacup mugs are fantastic. Wish I could magically transport myself from San Francisco to Philly for this show.

MeghCallie said...

These look great! I have a question about your mishima process. Is there a trick to keeping the clay out of the drawings? When I try to wipe my slip away, my white porcelain creeps into my drawings and makes them look dull.

molly said...

Thanks for the question! You can make sure to wipe with a very clean sponge (and clean water) and you can sand after bisque--sometimes that helps. Maybe you should try a higher concentration of stain in your slip?
Good luck!