Sunday, November 11, 2012

Visiting Tea Guys’ Factory

My friends at Tea Guys rang me up in October to say they were packing the tea tins I designed for shipment to Anthropologie. I knew they were busy, but until I visited the factory, I had no idea just how busy!

Emily and Oliver Rich, Owners Tea Guys
Hatfield, MA

Invited to see the process, I went over to their factory. I was eager to learn about how the tea was blended and to see how the tins were packed. There was something particularly exciting about seeing my own tin designs being filled in the factory--it was so special to see the work in progress.
Jasmine Green Tea Blended and waiting to fill tins

Hand filling tea tins with Jasmine Green Tea
Adding safety seal
Tea all packed and ready to ship!

All 5 Tea Guys teas with Molly Hatch labels now available at Anthropologie

Everything was done by hand, from labeling the tea tins, to hand blending 50-pound batches of tea, right down to filling the boxes. I was blown away. It’s amazing to witness the artisanal quality in action. You can’t help but appreciate the love and care that goes into each tin.
I am so very proud of this collaboration with Tea Guys for Anthropologie. I love that my label designs have become part of such a lovingly crafted products.

I also love how this initial collaboration with Tea Guys has already spurred us on to work on many more projects together. Coming up in the new year: with Tea Guys, I’ll be introducing three  "molly hatch" private label teas--Chamomile Lavender, Lemon Verbena, and Jasmine Green. These teas will be sold retail and wholesale as a collection through We’ve got a few other projects in the tealeaves.

Getting to collaborate with Tea Guys has turned out to be a lot of fun. Inspired, I am now in the process of starting two other collaborations with local companies here in the Valley. 

Meantime, not only have I fallen for their delicious and beautiful tea, I have fallen for those fabulous Tea Guys! 

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