Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Glassware at Anthropologie

Working with new materials in partnership with Anthropologie has proven to be exciting, to say the least. It turns out--despite my years of training and education in ceramics, that I make a darn good juice glass!

The most popular items I have designed for Anthropologie have been my juice glasses. So successful, that they have just added 3 new designs to the menagerie juice glass collection--and they are finally available!

Click HERE to buy some--or to see them online. (The swimmer is my favorite!).


John Alex said...

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swig said...

I love the hen, too. (and your whole blog which I discover) But it looks as if I came too late… will they be again at Atmosphere's? warm greetings from Paris.

ketz said...

These styles go with any glassware concept. They add both a touch of glamour and homage to bartending that makes making drinks a more enjoyable endeavor.

Matt Oxford

Claudia van Dijk said...

Oh dear. Our "It's Okay" juice glass has broken! We were going to buy another (plus some extra of other designs), as Anthropologie is still showing them on their website. But after completing the payment info they said they are out of stock. Is there another place selling these?