Thursday, January 10, 2013

Process: House Numbers

A question people often ask of me is this: HOW do you make that?

So, to reveal a bit of my studio practice, I photographed the process of taking these house number plates I recently designed from sketchbook to finished tiles.
First--Sketchbook Designing on paper is KEY!

Second: make paper template for cutting tiles from clay
Third: cutting tiles from porcelain, getting the perfect shape thanks to my template

Fourth: Finishing off the edges of the tiles--not too "slabby" and don't forget to drill holes for nails!
After the first firing (bisque) I hand-painted these numbers and fired them a final time to cone 7 in electric kiln.

Next step: I will ship the tiles off in hopes that they will soon be manufactured.

When I break down the steps like this, I am reminded that everything we do in life requires a process. Sometimes, it seems like things should just magically happen (Poof! Perhaps, I’ve been reading too many tales of magic to my daughter). It’s good to be reminded that process is not magical, but pretty darn cool.

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smartcat said...

Nice process photos. How thick are your tiles?