Wednesday, March 6, 2013


work/life 2, 2011 cover by alyssa nassner

I am a HUGE fan of UPPERCASE magazine (name me a design lover who isn’t). One of UPPERCASE’s first projects was Work/Life. By the time the UPPERCASE folks published a second edition in 2011, 100 international illustrators were featured. Not only do buyers gain valuable insights about artists, so did fellow artists and illustrators.

The project is bigger than the sum of its parts.

I am so jazzed (and extremely honored) to have been accepted into the third edition of Work/Life—with its theme, “An Illustrated Life.” When you learn the contents, you can imagine why I feel like I’m slotting right in; these are my themes, right?

Here’s a little more from UPPERCASE about WORK/LIFE:

As a participant, you are individually interviewed for specifics about your creative focus and artistic technique as well as your inspirations and aspirations. Additional imagery (sketchbook pages, studio shots, inspirational objects or personally illustrated anecdotes) is integral to each participant’s spread, allowing the reader to take a peek into your work/life.

photo by emmi jormalainen via UPPERCASE

Obviously, the professional exposure is kind of mind-blowing—the book will be distributed to a dreamy list of potential clients. Each participant can suggest a dream roster (where do you see my work heading? DO COMMENT!). 

And because the book will be sold through the UPPERCASE network (online, stockists), there’s the exhilarating notion that some discerning new eyes will be opened to my work.

This directory will “explore the ups and downs of illustration and what it takes to stay creative.” I think about this a great deal already and have different answers every single day. I can’t wait for other artistic reflection on this subject.

And, of course, I can’t wait to learn about others’ processes! 

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