Friday, March 22, 2013

Workshop Follow UP: MFA Boston

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of teaching two workshops at the MFA Boston demonstrating the techniques I used to make my piece that is in the 'New Blue and White' exhibition that is currently up through July 14th.

I wanted to share a few images from the two days with you. I was totally surprised and flattered by how many of my friends and colleagues came a long way to see me working as well as to see the show! It was really fun to be demonstrating to the rotating crowd.

The view of the exhibition entry from where I was demonstrating

My piece was nicely lit by the sunny window!

It was fun to be a fly on the wall as people discussed my work...

The demonstrations were announced nicely with signage which I got to keep!

One of the pieces I brought for people to touch during the demo

You can see the MFA Cafe behind me while I demo Mishima slip inlay to onlookers

everyone got to give the process a try themselves--all around a great demo!

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