Wednesday, April 10, 2013


As you know, I’ve been pretty busy this spring with my first major museum show, wait, make that 2 museum shows. Did I mention that I am working on not just one, but TWO stationary collections for release next year. Oh, and I just signed on with a new gallery--in NEW YORK CITY--every artists dream. I also am working hard on keeping up with design demands at Anthropologie and I am teaching at RISD this semester. Right, and then I have a family--a three year old with severe asthma and my ever supportive husband who holds down the fort when I travel and have insane deadlines.

I am writing this at the airport on my way to a super-packed week in Boulder teaching workshops at the Makerie, an event (tonight!) at the Boulder Anthropolgie and a couple university visiting artist lectures. If you havent already noticed, I have missed several days of letters, and I have come to peace with the fact that my overloaded life has meant that I had to put down my letter a day project to make room for a few other things to be taken care of this week.

I will be back at it when I am ready, and it might not be a letter every day. We will see...

For those of you attending the Makerie this weekend in Boulder, I cant wait to meet you all--maybe we can think on balance together!

Camilla, my daughter is AMAZING at coloring in the lines.

AND she can write her own name at three!

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