Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Progress Report: High Museum

I am now well into the painting of my plates for my installation in the High Museum lobby in March. One panel is complete, fired and ready to go and I am almost finished with the second panel--only 6 more to go!

Here are some images of the process on the first panel:
What you see here is the projector overlaying the blank plates. Each panel for the piece is roughly 60 plates!

The plates take up one entire wall of my studio, requiring the full size of my studio space for the right scale of projection. Even then, the piece has to be painted in 8 sections in order to be completed!

I am working up the paintings as one would on canvas, painting in layers of color. Each layer builds a richer color and line. Here you can see a lighter blue underpainting of the flower. Below the flower is complete with 2 additional layers of underglaze.
This is the first panel of 8 complete before firing. The plates are removed form the wall at this stage and glazed by hand, then fired to completion. Keep an eye out next week for an update on panel two, this time I will include images of the glazing process!


Lori Buff said...

I can't wait to see this exhibit. So glad you're going to have it here in Atlanta.

JANET said...

I am especially excited to see the process, Molly, by which you transform your plates. Thanks for sharing this.