Monday, February 2, 2015

Think Big! Going Strong!

Ben Carter and I finalizing this week's video responses
I am delighted by the responses and dialogues happening in Think Big! Ben and I worked so hard to bring together this series of interviews and worksheets and it is enormously rewarding to see that it is paying off for participants!We have almost 250 people enrolled in the series from all over the world, I love that we can have conversations across borders and languages. I wanted to share a teeny tiny look at just a few of the many exciting discussions, comments and info that is being changed as a part of the series.

Ben and I are winding down our video postings with the last one going up next week, but there is so much coming out of this series, its incredibly exciting. We are already talking about Part 2, as well as what it would be to have an in-person weekend symposium around these topics.

I also wanted to remind those of you still considering the series, you can still enroll until February 12th and have access for 6 weeks! All of the videos and downloads will be available by February 12th, so you can watch the whole series at your own pace. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!

Here are some snippets from the discussion groups:

"I just finished listening to the reflection video (on licensing) and I'm so glad that Molly addressed the importance of a company's integrity. It's the first question/concern that popped into my head, though I was thinking more of the production environment and the environmental impact. "

"My goal is to start my brand but I din’t really know where I fit in this course as I’m more of a designer and just recently started making ceramics.  But when Klein and Reid referred to themselves as a design firm it got me really inspired.  Such a wealth of information in this course and I’m getting lots out of it. "

"BTW, Molly and Ben, so funny, I have been obsessively listening to "after the jump" at work every evening for the last few weeks! The series she did on productivity was amazing, and I have learned so much. I am so glad that you shared with the class, and want to encourage you all do download the heck out of that podcast! (and ben's too) "

"Really interesting to hear the difference between a partnership with a gallery and the partnerhsip with an agent.  I was operating under the mis-conception that the agent was participating in building demand and making work relevant.  This really puts the responsibility back on the artist/entrepreneur to do quite a bit of development on their own.  Would be interested to hear positive examples of intermediate steps.  This course is one.  But how have people found help/guidance/leadership for even getting to the point where they are entertaining positive retail experiences that THEN get you in the arena with agents?"

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