Friday, December 7, 2012

Visit: Laura Zindel

Last week I visited my good friend Laura Zindel at her new studio in Brattleboro, VT. Laura recently moved her studio from her home into a large industrial space at 21 Browne Court suite 21 in Brattleboro, just off of Rte 5 North. 

Laura's new space is GORGEOUS! There is a big gallery that you enter through that opens up into almost 6,000 sq feet of studio. Laura chose to paint her gallery a nice rich color, really sets off her white clay and surface decoration nicely.

I LOVE that she has a separate office loft--a good seating area and I am super jealous of her design area, she has room for inspiration boards!

Her studio has a separate room for glazing and decal.

Kilns are located in a spacious and super ventilated room. 

Slip casting is in its own space as well.

She even has a sweet break room and kitchen for her and her staff!

The biggest perk for her staff is their own studio space located in the back half of the studio, they have more space than I do in my 350 sq ft studio. AMAZING.

Laura is having her annual seconds sale this weekend. I got to pick up a few myself last weekend and let me tell you, there are some lucky folks out there this year! She has a HUGE selection and the prices are unreal. If I were you I would head over there this weekend and load up. I already did!

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Asta Bubliene said...

Wish I knew about this studio and sale beforehand. I go to Brattleboro few times a year. There are usually studio tours around Thanksgiving and Memorial day.

The work is beautiful!