Friday, May 3, 2013

Molly Hatch Tea Collection

Molly Hatch Summer Collection: only 3 of the EIGHT labels of my design that are available!

I have been so impressed by my friends’ Emily and Oliver’s local artisan tea business:Tea Guys. We have been collaborating on a few projects--and now they are available! You can wholesale my collection of teas for your own shop, or you can buy direct from the online shop at Tea Guys

Tea Guys began in 2002 with the idea of gathering tea from all over but packaging it locally. From its first few teas until now that idea has guided the Tea Guys, bringing together the flavors of the world. I have designed labels for a small collection of their teas, but there are many teas on offer from the Tea Guys for retail and wholesale.

Our collaboration has been kismet since day one! Our kids go to the same pre-school and we became fast friends. It is such a joy to work with friends to make a product I love.

Back in the fall of last year,I enjoyed visiting the blending room at Tea Guys when some of my first 'Molly Hatch' teas for were being packed up. Check out the photos and write up of my visit HERE!

I cant wait to hear what you think--and to all the retailers out there who have been wanting product of mine to sell in their shops--here it is! 

Contact Tea Guys HERE to be a part of their wholesale program!

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